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PROJECT TITLE: Climate adaptation through sustainable forestry in important river catchment areas in Tajikistan (CAFT) - Training of forestry staff with the Vocational Education Program “Lesnik” and general training about forestry issues

CLIENT: German Development Bank (KfW) / the Forestry Agency under the government of Tajikistan

PERIOD: 2017


Capacity development within the forestry sector of Tajikistan is a critical requirement for the success and sustainability of the CAFT project. The overall objectives of the capacity building activities are to improve the technical and managerial skills, knowledge and capabilities of various staff members at the forestry and the FA levels, so that each employee is capable of carrying out the tasks assigned to him/her in a professional and efficient way. A further objective of the training is to introduce some standardized methodologies and approaches in sustainable / joint forest management and in promoting management practices that aim at effective adaptation to climate change.


The training of forestry staff will focus on nine thematic areas and were based on the training modules, which have been developed by GIZ (see Section 4 above). Al Mar Consulting planed, organized, delivered, monitored and evaluated the program and submited the required technical and financial reports as specified in the TOR and contract. Al Mar Consulting was fully responsible for:
  • scheduling the courses;
  • determining the locations where the courses will be held;
  • inviting the participants;
  • organize transportation for field trips during a course;
  • organizing the accommodation for the participants;
  • engaging qualified teachers for each of the courses;
  • providing the course material (copies of the modules and other handouts);
  • monitoring the progress and evaluating the results;
  • reporting.

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