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PROJECT TITLE: Gender-Focused Value-Chain Analysis in Uzbekistan: Rapid Assessment Of Selected Value Chains – Women Focus

CLIENT: The World Bank

PERIOD: 2018


To generate: a) a mapping of all critical nodes and linkages in the selected livestock and horticulture sub-sectors value chain (through sampling frame that ensures relevant data collection / cover formal and informal sector; b) conducting semi-structured interviews and focus groups with women and main stakeholders along selected value chains; c) formulating of policy recommendations; d) establishing private, public dialog to help shape the actions and empower woman.


The following steps and sub-outputs will serve as a basis for disbursement:
  • analysis of position and role of woman in selected livestock and horticulture sub-sectors value chain (in advance, farmers, processors, multi-task businesses), identifications of obstacles, constraints holding back women from participation in the Value chain activity (regarding value-added activity, income generation among other) with the provision of a formulation of action-oriented, practical recommendations;
  • conducting desk-research to collect and analyze all available background material and studies on Value Chains in Uzbekistan with a special focus to women;
  • develop the short questionnaire for the initial screening of the conference participants to identify the «portrait of woman» in selected livestock and horticulture sub-sectors;
  • processing of screening results to provide inputs for the presentation of the International value chain specialist;
  • developing an outline and provide guidance for the short reports of the local representatives of Business Women Association in 4-5 regions identified for the first round of analysis;
  • drafting and approving guides for interviews and FGDs;
  • conducting 65 interviews and 7 FGDs at first and second round of analysis (two field surveys);
  • providing transcripts of interviews and FDGs, as well as summary field reports, as per the outline;
  • drafting an interim report on first round of analysis to identify of niches for creation new or to expansion of already available "women's" value chains;
  • forming the list of female farmers who will receive assistance on development of value chain within two current projects of the World Bank subsequently;
  • presenting the main findings of the study at WB workshop under supporting of the International value chain specialist.

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