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PROJECT TITLE: LOAN-2245 UZB: Land Improvement Project - Social and Agro-Economic Assessment

CLIENT: Rural Restructuring Agency / Asian Development Bank

PERIOD: 2014


The Republic of Uzbekistan has received loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) inthe amount of 60.2 million USD towards the cost of the Land Improvement Project in Bukhara,Navoiy and Kashkadarya Provinces. The objective of the Project was to increase income of the farmers in the project area by way of improving productivity of land in a sustainable manner, leading to increased crop yields and enhanced ecological sustainability in the project areas. The Project outcome would be steady increase of productivity of land that will lead to growth of crop productivity, increase incomes of farmers and enhanced ecological sustainability in the project areas.

The objective of the consulting services was to assess the overall social and agro-economic impacts of the Land Improvement Project.


The scope of work of the Consultant consists of undertaking data collection, processing and analysis and results interpretation in order to assess the social and agro-economic impacts ofthe Land Improvement Project.

Specific tasks and implementation terms for the Consultant to carry out the assignmentinclude the following:
  • Review of the current status and data requirements for the social & agro-economicimpact assessment of the Project (Stage 1 - Inception).
  • Collection and analysis of secondary data for Social & Agro-economic impactassessment (Stage 2 – Desk study)
  • Conduct household / farm survey (Stage 3 - Field survey)

Al Mar Consulting carried out 9 Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with WUA members and 20 in-depth interviews and household surveys.

All collected data were to be immediately recorded in the appropriate database tablesof the statistical system after collection.Recorded data were to be compiled and tabulated in frequency distribution tableswhich were to be processed to present the variation over time on key social and agro-economicparameters.

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