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PROJECT TITLE: Marketing research «The market of acrylic plates in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan»

CLIENT: JV “Orient Mebel”

PERIOD: 2014


The aims and purposes of research were:
  • Studying of the modern market of acrylic plates in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan (desk research);
  • The description of main suppliers of acrylic plates taking into account their nomenclature / brands of production (types, types of acrylic plates), sales volumes, and also average cost on acrylic plates;
  • Studying of the market of acrylic plates distribution;
  • Studying of the main of acrylic plates consumers;
  • Studying of import deliveries of acrylic plates and logistic chain from the importer to the consumer


Consultant carried out the analysis of secondary data, namely desk researches and the statistical analysis. Collecting primary data, for obtaining more detailed and exact information. When collecting primary data the Consultant used quantitative and qualitative methods of research, namely poll of consumers and expert interviews. The consultant conducted 150 interviews with consumers (population) who bought or are going to buy furniture with acrylic facades in the territory of Tashkent. The consultant has also studied the main producers of furniture who make or want to make furniture with application of acrylic plates (facades) in the studied territory. Selection of the main producers of furniture was selected on a territorial sign and coordinated with the Customer of research. The consultant carried out a number of interview to suppliers of acrylic plates in the territory of Tashkent. Consultants conducted about 60 expert interviews in the territory of Tashkent. Duration of each interview was from 30 minutes till 1,5 hour. Control of interview was done by supervisors. The analysis of data was carried out by method of the information processing received during research. Analysts considered a situation on the market and on the basis of the obtained data developed the analytical report.

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