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PROJECT TITLE: Marketing research «Technical equipment of the enterprises in Tashkent city» for Samsung Electronics - Uzbekistan

CLIENT: Samsung Electronics - Uzbekistan

PERIOD: 2014

PROJECT AIM Identification of 400 enterprises in Tashkent city and Tashkent region which use the technical equipment during their operation in the various sectors of the economy. Detailed profile of the enterprise (100 enterprises of 400 enterprises) which are selected by representative sample.


  • Consultants delivered analysis of secondary data, namely conduct desk research and statistical analysis. In this course they reviewed the following information sources:
  • Data of statistical reporting agencies;
  • Economic digest and reports;
  • Existing reports of other research agencies;
  • Mass media: print and media electronic publications;
  • Internet.

The second stage of the research is to obtain primary data to get more detailed and precise information. In the process of primary data collection the Consultant used Quantitative research methods, especially in-depth interviews. Total number of interviews was 250. These interviews were conducted with representatives of the enterprises in accordance with the goals and objectives of the research. Analysis of obtained data was processed by data processing method.

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