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PROJECT TITLE: Support to Sustainable Economic Development in Selected Regions of Uzbekistan - Baseline survey on financial literacy in Uzbekistan and evaluation of results

CLIENT: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

PERIOD: 2015


The development and roll out of a baseline survey of financial literacy and validation of the quantitative findings through selected focus group discussions. The Survey will cover both rural and urban areas of the country, and provide a gender and target group differentiated capabilities and needs assessment.


Stage 1: Implementation of a baseline survey
  • Incorporating upfront questions to capture general information on the interviewed people;
  • Adjusting and rephrasing the financial sector related questions based on observations from the tests and own experience;
  • Develop the survey methodology and composition of the sample (1200 interviews);
  • Establish appropriate statistical system (SPSS) for processing of field survey data;
  • Undertake simple cross-tabulations to show inter-relations between Project intervention factors and observed changes of key social & agro-economic indicators;
  • Carry out analysis of field survey data collected and interpret results.
Stage 2: Validation and deepening of findings through focus groups
  • Development of the Guidelines for the conduct and questions to be asked during the focus groups;
  • Conduction of 12 focus groups;
  • Carry out analyse of data collected and interpret results.

Prepare a Final Report of the Baseline survey on financial literacy in Uzbekistan and evaluation of results, presenting the results of the field survey.

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