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PROJECT TITLE: WB Project - Integrated Single Window Office for Social Assistance and Employment Services - Implementation of Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey and Rapid Operational Evaluation

CLIENT: The Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Uzbekistan (“MOL”) / The World Bank

PERIOD: 2016


The main objectives of this consultancy were: (a) develop and implement a mechanism of assessment of beneficiary satisfaction with services provided by the Employment Centers of the Ministry, and (b) analyze perceptions of a group of Ministry’s employees of the operational changes implemented under the RSR grant. The proposed surveys of MOL employees and project beneficiaries will help in informing implementation of the proposed Integrated Single Window Office (ISWO) for more streamlined provision of services provided through district Employment Centers of MOL.


Al Mar Consulting was expected to perform activities related to the planning, implementation, and analysis of the proposed surveys sequenced broadly along the following steps:
  • Overall Planning and Preparations;
  • Actual Implementation of the Survey (in two parts);
  • Data Analysis and Draft and Final Reports.
Al Mar Consulting’s Responsibilities:
  • Train enumerator(s) and conduct survey efficiently following the agreed methodologies and questionnaire and recording qualitative comments;
  • Conduct an operational evaluation to obtain feedback on operations of the new modernized offices by conducting interviewing of the employees at the center and the district offices;
  • Finalize and prepare database for analysis (with a total of minimum 200 respondents);
  • Data Analysis and Draft and Final Reports;
  • Supplement reports with descriptive statistics, graphics, tables, and boxes to capture both quantitative and qualitative information from the survey;
  • Fine tune draft reports based on recommendations and suggestions from review to generate final reports.

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