Assessment of the risks of forced labour during cotton harvest among the staff
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PROJECT TITLE: Assessment of the risks of forced labour during cotton harvest among the staff of medical institutions in Uzbekistan

CLIENT: The International Labour Organization

PERIOD: 2018


The key objectives of the study are to:
  • Assess the risks of state medical institution employees being forcefully involved in the cotton harvest;
  • Evaluate the cotton picking experience of employees of state medical institutions who participated in the 2018 harvest either voluntarily or involuntarily and
  • Assess the target group’s experience and perception in relation to recruitment rules and working conditions in the 2018 cotton harvest.

The data collected and its further analysis will be used by the ILO to develop recommendations for the GoU on how to strengthen the measures to prevent forced labour among the staff of medical institutions. The data will also inform future capacity-building content for national counterparts.


Conducting qualitative data, i.e. 80 qualitative /semi-structured interviews with medical administration, doctors, nurses and technical staff of medical institutions.

Piloting of research instruments (interview guides);
  • Finalization of guide versions in Uzbek, Russian, and English languages in Word format;
  • Pre-test of field instruments and their detailed adaptation to the fieldwork conditions;
  • Data collection during 80 semi-structured interviews according to the provided sampling and research protocol;
  • Transcribing 80 interviews in Russian.

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