Study on children affected by migration in four selected
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PROJECT TITLE: Study on children affected by migration in four selected regions of Uzbekistan to determine their needs for child protection services

CLIENT: United Nations Children’s Fund

PERIOD: 2018-2019


The overall objective of the EU funded programme is to improve the protection of children affected by migration. Specifically, study will (i) examine how migration affects the survival, well-being, and development of children left behind by migrating parents looking at changes in a multidimensional context, and (ii) address impact of migration on children left behind by looking into four different child outcome related components, namely: health, education, economic activity (child work), and psycho-social effects. These specific objectives will address the vulnerability of children from migrant families through tailor-made responses based on the results of the proposed study on the situation of children and families affected by migration.


  • work throughout the process in close collaboration with the international research agency and UNICEF team to develop the methodology of the study
  • review and adapt existing tools and protocols provided by international research agency to the Uzbekistan country context
  • facilitate preparation of study stages and conduct training of field enumerators
  • carry out data collection through electronic data collection interface using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) for in-depth interviews, household surveys, focus group discussions in collaboration with governmental stakeholders
  • provide all data collected in an appropriate data format (excel, STATA or SPSS) to UNICEF contracted international research agency
  • analyze the data and develop the draft report and recommendations on enhancing national mechanisms for identification, registration and referral of children of migrant families to child protection services in consultation with the international research agency
  • interact and liaise with the international research agency to contribute to the regional situation analysis and cross-reference findings observed in other countries.

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