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To ensure the continuous observance of ethical behavior, we have made ethical guidelines an integral part of our organization. Our Code of Conduct states standards for ethical business behaviour to prevent corrupt or fraudulent practices. It establishes the general rules to be observed in order to meet our ethical standards for business behaviour.

Al Mar Consulting will respect the basic principles set out in Al Mar Consulting values.

We will pursue our business with integrity.

We will respect the rules of law governing our business.

We will respect human rights and the political, cultural and religious customs of the countries in which we work.

We will not participate in or condone corrupt and fraudulent practices.

We will only give or accept gifts for business purposes and only up to reasonable levels – and never during the process of competitive bid or tender exercise. We strongly discourage the use of facilitation payments.

We avoid political contributions. We hold no secret or unrecorded funds of money or assets. Fees paid by us to agents and associated consultants shall be commensurate with the services provided. Our Code of Conduct shall be known and acknowledged by our agents and associated consultants to the extent that they are acting on our behalf.

Our Code of Conduct shall also apply to our participation in joint operations, and we seek to ensure that our joint venture partners adopt commitments similar to our own in connection with joint projects. All employees are accountable and under an obligation to raise any issue of doubts with their management for clarification and decision.

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