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There are well-documented economic, social and environmental risks involved with resettlement. People may be economically displaced from their livelihoods as well as physically displaced from their lands, homes, communities, and social and cultural ties. If planned or executed poorly, resettlement may lead to increased impoverishment of affected households.

  • Preparation recommendations on educational facilities improvement
  • Developing manuals and guidelines for trainers and methodologists
  • Teacher training and development
  • Development of long-term institutional capacity for monitoring and evaluation of Education reform programs
  • Curriculum and textbook development.

Event Management

Our professionals take pride in their vast experience in event management. We devote maximum attention to every customer and apply our best efforts to implement your plan for the perfect business event. Our team of professionals is always concerned about any unforeseen circumstances, which can occur during your business event. We consider every business meeting as a different project, which is to be well planned, controlled and implemented.

Specialists of our company provide the following services within the following fields:

  • Resettlement Plans
  • Building up a concept for the upcoming event, write a statement of work
  • Developing the functional structure for the project
  • Establishing the key business processes
  • Dealing with budgeting
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Recruiting staff members
  • Controlling the project implementation process
  • Providing project reports with all necessary detailed information.

Thanks to our unique experience and use of modern technologies, our customers are always encouraged with the high-level services we provide and the results they obtain.

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