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CATI Studio (Call-center)

Dear Colleagues. Al Mar Consulting company would like to present you information about our own CATI Studio (Call-center) specialized in conducting automated CATI surveys of various complexity. CATI Studio (Call-center) is equipped with the latest equipment and complies to the most advanced technologies allowing Al Mar Consulting team to implement projects successfully and within the shortest period of time. Unassailable advantages of telephone surveys are immediacy and relatively low cost. We are ready for cooperation! Sincerely, Al Mar Consulting team


Market research conducted by our company will provide you with a unique opportunity to not only accurately and quickly focus on the market, but also to open a previously unnoticed opportunities and resources of sales growth, meeting the needs of customers, will help to create a positive image of your organization.

For any company marketing research, regular monitoring of the environment are integral elements of the strategy of becoming successful in today's economy.

Specialists of Al Mar Consulting conduct a full cycle of marketing research, which begins with the preparation of a program of research and ends with the development of the analytical report and presentation. Marketing research results are available in the form of an analytical report with specific conclusions and recommendations.


Qualitative methods:

  • Focus groups (standard, mini, diads/triads, peer-groups)
  • Interviews (expert, in-depth)
  • Ethnographic research
  • Desk research
  • Expert surveys
  • Mini-case study
  • «Mystery shopping»

Quantitative methods (surveys, questionnaires):

  • Representative surveys of population and various segments and groups of the urban and rural population
  • Surveys of specific target groups
  • All types of sampling — random, quota, “rolling”
  • Personal interviews (face-to-faсe)
  • Phone poll

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