Integrated Solid Waste Management Project in Samarqand - Livelihood Restoration Plan & Resettlement Action Plan
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PROJECT TITLE: Integrated Solid Waste Management Project in Samarqand - Livelihood Restoration Plan & Resettlement Action Plan

CLIENT: French Agency for Development (AFD) / SLR Consulting (France)

PERIOD: november 2019 - may 2022

PROJECT AIM: The project aims at modernizing the Samarkand municipal waste collection and disposal and at enhancing waste recycling. Plan SLR prepared a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and a Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) for the Component “Cleaning and closing of the current landfill” and “Construction and renovation of collection points”.



On‐site mission, interviews and site visits

-Based on the results of the Scoping mission, it was developed two Protocols detailing the methodology to be implemented for the preparation of a RAP‐LPR for the Dumpsite and Collection Points. Each survey protocols included:

-Stakeholders mapping and steps of consultation according to the legal requirements;

-RAP‐LRP Census and survey protocol (team of surveyor, timeline)

Preliminary Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) The census and the socioeconomic survey

-The following type of baseline data were collected:

-Quantitative data were collected through the socioeconomic survey (questionnaire forms) used with the people working at the dumpsite (formal and informal workers)

-Qualitative information (face to face interview, meetings, focus groups) were collected to highlight the quantitative data and provide an indepth understanding of the social context

Livelihood Restoration Strategy Formulation

-Define the Livelihood Strategy

-Determine the project approach to procuring the services needed to deliver the livelihoodrestoration measures and programs.

-Determine what will be provided from the Project, from government programs and agencies.

-Determine the project organization to implement the proposed measures (organizational structure, staffs, resources, budget and schedule, and reporting line)

-Develop recruiting, training and employment management plans (based on the Scoping mission, employment should be established as first priority for project affected workers, hence condition of employment will be clearly defined).

Interview with institutional stakeholders

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