Livestock and Pasture Development - Community Livestock and Pasture Development Plans (CLPDP)
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PROJECT TITLE: Livestock and Pasture Development - Community Livestock and Pasture Development Plans (CLPDP)

CLIENT: The Ministry of Agriculture / International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

PERIOD: 2015


Al Mar Consulting will play a key role in mobilizing communities, forming groups, follow-up activities, information dissemination, capacity building, monitoring and delivering them own or channeling from other Project implementing agencies capacity building programmes.


-Conduct participatory awareness programmes on community development and participation; on formation and functions of the Pasture Users’ Unions (PUUs), Common Interest Groups (CIGs) and Women Income Generating Groups (WIGGs)

-Form CIGs and WIGGs in line with the PIM procedures and modalities.

Capacity building and empowerment programme. Al Mar Consulting will conduct capacity building programme based on needs assessment to formed and supported by the Project community groups, to PUUs, WIGGs, CIGs as well as to jamoat and hukumat administrations according to the stipulated and approved by the PMU and IFAD Capacity Building Programme.

-Capacity Building Programme. Al Mar Consulting will provide capacity building program to PUUs and its members. It will facilitate delivery of demand-driven training packages with the help from the PMU TA on aspects relevant for the smallholder livestock farmers/households in the Project area as specified in the PIM: i) on improved pasture management; ii) on livestock management and improved production techniques for small holder farmers/households especially women who are responsible for the care of livestock; iii) improved animal husbandry and management practices; iv) feed preparation; identification of hygiene and health aspects, v) better identification and management of disease control; vi) undertake joint assessment of feeding practices and constraints, vii) introduction of improved feed management; viii) improved animal selection and breeding, etc.

-Community Livestock and Pasture Development Plan Capacity Building Programme. Al Mar Consulting will facilitate updating (when required) and implementation of the community CLPDPs based on the methodology developed by the PMU. Capacity building programme for PUU will include but not limited to the following topics: i) community planning, including CLPDP formulation and updating; (ii) pasture health assessment, monitoring and improvement; (iii) pasture carrying capacity, livestock grazing plan and additional feeding requirements; (iv) CLPDP investments identification and proposal writing; (iv) developing and managing budgets; (v) techniques to mobilise human and financial resources from within the community (including remittances), or identify alternative funding sources; (vi) quality control of inputs, produce, products, equipment, support services; and (vii) procurement, costing and accounting, business and financial management, tendering procedures, (viii) infrastructure operation and maintenance; and (ix) participatory monitoring and evaluation.

-CIGs and WIGGs Capacity Building Programme. Training programme will be developed for CIGs based on needs assessment. Al Mar Consulting will ensure in coordination with the PMU that women who receive the IGA packages also receive proper technical training as part of each package to ensure that recipient women are able to fully care for their livestock.

Monitoring Programme Al Mar Consulting will implement M&E Programme developed and approved by the PMU and IFAD. It will also coordinate with the PMU and provide support and information for overall Project baseline and impact assessment surveys.

-Al Mar Consulting will conduct monitoring of Project activities and associated impacts in line with M&E programme developed and approved by the PMU and IFAD, and assist villages and jamoat / hukumat in conducting participatory monitoring according to approved M&E Programme. Al Mar Consulting will keep electronic and hard copy files for each of its communities and complete the Community Data Sheets on a six-monthly basis

-Al Mar Consulting will conduct periodic focus group discussions with the beneficiaries of the different activities under the LPDP and provide feedback to the PMU in specially designed formats approved within the M&E Program on the feedback from the community, especially women

-Al Mar Consulting will track the participants and prepare case studies to identify how they have utilised the assets, training opportunities, investments and technical knowledge provided by the Project.

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