Livestock Sector Development Project - Preparation of Environmental and Social Management Framework
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PROJECT TITLE: Livestock Sector Development Project - Preparation of Environmental and Social Management Framework

CLIENT: Rural Restructuring Agency (RRA) / World Bank

PERIOD: 2017


To address specified impacts it is necessary to design an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) which will be aimed at specifying the set of mitigation, monitoring measures, and institutional responsibility measures to be taken during the project implementation to eliminate adverse environmental and social impacts, offset, or reduce them to acceptable levels.


-Review and update the ESIA policy, legal and administrative conditions in terms of completeness and appropriateness with regard to the proposed project activities;

-Provide a general assessment of the kinds of impact that might be associated with the different types of potential subprojects that might be supported;

-Provide procedures and rules for sub-projects ESA, including criteria for environmental screening for identifying those matching grants and sub-projects that require a simple ESMP, and ESMP Checklist, or more detailed ESIA study and an ESMP;

-Specify Environmental and Social Guidelines for ESA of the proposed grants and subprojects that would provide an assessment of potential impacts and generic mitigation measures to be undertaken for identified subprojects in all stages, - from identification and selection, through the design and implementation phase, to the monitoring and evaluation of results;

-Prepare the summary of the ESMF and disseminate it to other involved ministries and state institutions, NGOs, and academia, for review and comment;

-Organize jointly with RRA public access (disclosure) of the ESMF in the Internet and by submitting the draft documents to key stakeholders for review and comments.

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