Loan #: 2772-UZB; Second CAREC Corridor 2 ROAD INVESTMENT PROGRAM – PROJECT 3, Bukhara-Gazli km 228 -315– Environmental Due Diligence
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PROJECT TITLE: Loan #: 2772-UZB; Second CAREC Corridor 2 ROAD INVESTMENT PROGRAM – PROJECT 3, Bukhara-Gazli km 228 -315– Environmental Due Diligence

CLIENT: SAMBO Engineering Co., Ltd / Asian Development Bank (ADB)

PERIOD: 2014

PROJECT AIM The Republic of Uzbekistan has applied for a Loan under the proposed CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program II from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Part of the loan proceeds, was applied to payments for the civil works contract (one Package) for Reconstruction of about 87 km of A380 highway in Bukhara provinces.

SAMBO Engineering Co., Ltd was responsible for the design review, construction supervision, and safeguards compliance for the civil works and hired Al Mar Consulting for due diligence work (Land Acquisition & Resettlement Plan, Environment Impact Assessment, Gender Action Plan and Poverty Social Assessment).


Prepare an environment assessment (EIA) report in accordance with the Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) (2009) and relevant laws and regulations in Uzbekistan. In review of potential environmental impacts, temporary and permanent damage to the environment, particularly forests, wildlife reservations, areas with archaeological value, and potential risks from toxic and hazardous chemicals was included. An environmental management and monitoring plan was included in the EIA report. The public consultation in accordance with SPS with stakeholders and affected people was also carried out during preparation of EIA. Complete records of public consultation, including lists of participants was maintained and submitted as part of the report.

Al Mar Consulting carried out the following tasks for Environmental Impact Assessment Report:

-Assessment of current conditions of project territory;

-Assessment of project possible influence on environment;

-Assessment of alternative options of construction and economic activity;

-Development of measures and actions for decrease of impact level on environment;

-Report preparation on the analysis of project influence on environment.

Al Mar Consulting was also (a) determine costs of the proposed environmental measures, (b) appraise the level of the cost against expected environmental benefits, (c) incorporate appropriate mitigating measures into designs of all subprojects under investment program.

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