Loan 3067-UZB Solid Waste Management Improvement Project (SWMIP) - Capacity Development Program
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PROJECT TITLE: Loan 3067-UZB Solid Waste Management Improvement Project (SWMIP) - Capacity Development Program

CLIENT: State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) “Maxsustrans”/ Asian Development Bank

PERIOD: 2018

PROJECT AIM: The primary and overarching objective of this assignment is to formulate the National Solid Waste Management (SWM) Strategy that comprises five (5) key strategic outputs: (i) waste minimization and recycling program; (ii) media and public relations; (iii) transport logistics assessment; (iv) technical support for SWM systems operations; and (v) management support of SWM system operational manual.


-Development of national strategy for waste minimization and recycling: Recycling, composting, gas collection and utilization;

-Development of Action Program for national waste minimization and recycling: Costs, Timeline, Resources;

-Support in Development of national strategy for environmental awareness: waste minimization and recycling at household level, strategy and activities;

-Support in Development of least cost system for waste collection and transfer to the Akhangaran landfill: routing model, collection and transfer capacity and frequency requirements, GIS based routing system and truck monitoring program - Assessment and Strategy;

-Analysis of the current SWM situation;

-Provide recommendations for adoption of the developed state-of-the-art WMS: Recycling, handling and disposal;

-Develop operation procedures for the Akhangaran sanitary landfill based on best environmental practice;

-Provide training for landfill management staff and operators;

-Support the capacity development program team particularly in community development programs, environmental impact assessments, public awareness and training programs for implementing the NSW strategy and in engineering waste management designs.

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