Marketing research "Tourism services market in the Republic of Uzbekistan"
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PROJECT NAME: Marketing research "Tourism services market in the Republic of Uzbekistan"

CLIENT: LLC “Dolores Tur” – franchise of BCD travel

PERIOD: December 2011 – February 2012


The researchers identified the main goal: a comprehensive review of the tourism market in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the following tasks:

World Tourism Market Analysis:

• Main directions of tourism industry development in the world;

• Modern trends in the development of the global tourism market;

• Features of tourism business in crisis;

• Long-term prospects for the tourism industry development;

Analysis of the tourism industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

• Tour operators;

• Hotels;

• Services and logistics for tourists in Uzbekistan;

• Analysis of tourist flow trends;

• SWOT analysis of tourism market development in Uzbekistan;

• State support for tourism development in Uzbekistan.


Various methods of data collection were used for the implementation of this project.

Desk research

During the work, the consultant applied desk research, which allowed to obtain a more accurate assessment of the volume of tourism services market. When conducting desk research, the Consultant used the following sources of information: Internet, articles in media and specialized magazines, statistical collections, economic collections and reports, existing reports of other research agencies.

Field works

Within the framework of a qualitative study, expert interviews were conducted with employees of travel agencies and hotels of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Two interviewers with experience in similar projects and with skills in psycho-semantic analysis were involved in field works. The supervisor carried out double quality control of the field works, which included: conducting interviews in the presence of the supervisor - 30% of the total; logical control - 100% of questionnaires. The result of the research was an analytical report.

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