Navoi Thermal Power Station Modernization Project (Phase 3) - Survey for LARAP
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PROJECT TITLE: Navoi Thermal Power Station Modernization Project (Phase 3) - Survey for LARAP


PERIOD: april - november 2021

PROJECT AIM: JICA Survey Team conducted Preparatory Survey on Navoi Thermal Power Station Modernization Project (Phase 3) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The project includes the development of a thermal power plant, 500kV transmission line and gas pipeline. The land for the power plant was already acquired by JSC Navoi TPP in 2019. However, the installation of 500 kV transmission line is likely to involve further land acquisition, associated resettlement and compensation to the land owners. In addition, compensation will be necessary for agricultural land during construction of gas pipeline. Therefore, Abbreviated Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan (A-LARAP) will be required to be prepared for the transmission line, according to JICA Guidelines for Environment and Social Consideration. Information on the compensation for gas pipeline will be also required

DESCRIPTION OF ACTUAL SERVICES PROVIDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT: Collection of basic data of social environment and to prepare A-LARAP report for JICA. Conduct of a survey, mainly targeting the areas for ROW of transmission line, by collecting data and preparing A-LARAP.

  1. Survey Implementation
  • Tabulate quantitative data collected through field surveys, and the qualitative data and information obtained through interviews;
  • Analyze the present social baseline;
  • Review social impacts by the project implementation;
  • Examine the mechanisms established to minimize impacts as much as possible during project implementation, and;
  • Examine social impact mitigation measures and its monitoring plan
  1. Examination of Resettlement Measures and Livelihood Restoration Activities
  • Examine and describe the packages of compensation and other resettlement measures that will assist each category of eligible displaced persons to restore and improve their household economy and life quality
  1. Estimate Costs and Budgets
  • Compare between the proposed types and levels of compensation under local legislation and the amount of compensation for loss based on the replacement value under the JICA Guidelines.

A-LARAP was prepared in line with requirement of laws and regulations in Uzbekistan and World Bank “Operational Policy 4.10 Annex A Resettlement Plan” and World Bank “Involuntary Resettlement Source Book Planning and Implementation in Development Projects” according to JICA Guidelines for Environment and Social Consideration.

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