WB Project - Electricity Distribution Modernization Project
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PROJECT TITLE: WB Project - Electricity Distribution Modernization Project

CLIENT: World Bank

PERIOD: 2016

PROJECT AIM: The WB intends to finance consulting services for preparation of mandatory documents related to environmental safeguards policies of the World Bank. Al Mar Consulting was expected to carry out an assessment of ecological aspects of the project, preparing and coordinating with the World Bank final project documentation on safeguards in order to minimize negative impact and design mitigation measures on local population, environment of the project area, and on physical cultural resources.


The activities to be covered under the service include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:

-The Consultant will finalize the safeguards documents (EIF and EIA) and will prepare the Environmental Management Plan, emphasizing needed mitigation measures and monitoring activities as well as detailed TORs for capacity building activities for addressing the PCBs in the sector along with the PCBs sampling, inventory and management in participating oblast electricity distribution companies during the project implementation.

-Prepare a short summary of the draft EA&EMP and a Powerpoint presentation of them in Russian/Uzbek and English.

-Carry out public consultations and disclosure of the EIA, EMP according to the requirements of the World Bank guidelines, including registration and coordination of protocols of meetings, public hearings etc.

-Revise the draft EA and EMP after the meeting to take into account inputs from the consultation, as appropriate. The revisions must be agreed with the Uzbeckenergo and the World Bank.

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