WB Project - RRDP/QCBS -2: Regional Road Development Project (RRDP) - Preparation of Environmental and Social Safeguard Documents
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PROJECT TITLE: WB Project - RRDP/QCBS -2: Regional Road Development Project (RRDP) - Preparation of Environmental and Social Safeguard Documents in Tashkent region

CLIENT: Republican Road Fund / World Bank

PERIOD: 2015

PROJECT AIM The Government of Uzbekistan intended to receive a loan from the World Bank in connection with Regional Roads Development Project. In addition, and in order to help Republican Road Fund (the Recipient) to prepare the project, the World Bank has prepared an ECAPDEV Grant to further detail the economics, technical, ecological and social documentation necessary to a successful preparation of the project.

The Recipient intends to use part of the ECAPDEV Grant to finance consulting services for preparation of mandatory documents related to environmental and social safeguards policies of the World Bank. Al Mar Consulting was expected to carry out a detailed assessment of social and environmental aspects of the project, preparing and coordinating with the World Bank final project documentation on safeguards in order to minimize negative impact and design mitigation measures on local population, environment of the project area, and on physical cultural resources.

DESCRIPTION OF ACTUAL SERVICES PROVIDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT Al Mar Consulting finalized the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) as requested by the World Bank social and environment safeguards requirements.

Al Mar Consulting carried out the following tasks for Environmental and Social Management Plan:
  • Task 1: Description of the Proposed Project.
  • Task 2: Description of the Environment.
  • Task 3: Legislative and Regulatory Considerations.
  • Task 4: Determination of the Potential Impacts of the Proposed Project.
  • Task 5: Analysis of Alternatives to the Proposed Project.
  • Task 6: Development of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
  • Task 7: Public Consultation and Disclosure.

Al Mar Consulting helped carrying out public consultations and disclosure of ESMF and ESMPs according to the requirements of the World Bank guidelines, including registration and coordination of protocols of meetings, public hearings etc. The documents was accordingly revised and re-disclosed.

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