World Bank Project PO 7172238 - Social Accountability in Water Resource Management in Uzbekistan
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PROJECT TITLE: World Bank Project PO 7172238 - Social Accountability in Water Resource Management in Uzbekistan Dissemination Events

CLIENT: World Bank

PERIOD: 2014


The objectives of this assignment to bolster the effectiveness of WRM institutions by supporting the integration and operationalization of tailored SA mechanisms into these institutions through the South Karakalpakstan Water Resources Management Improvement Project (SKWRMIP). Specifically, it will aim to strengthen the capacity and knowledge on social accountability among WRM stakeholders in the project area in South Karakalpakstan.


Al Mar Consulting undertook the following activities:

-Capacity building for Water Consumer Associations (WCAs). 3 capacity building trainings on social accountability will be offered to WCAs in project areasin South Karakalpakstan. The trainings offered a general overview on SA approaches and best practices, explain the importance and benefits of social accountability (SA) mechanisms, and discuss how those can be adapted as part of WCAs’ management and operation. These trainings will take a “hands-on” approach and aim to actively engage participants in the design of SA tools that could be effectively integrated in their work, as well as ensure that participants recognize the general importance of SA mechanisms in the WRM sector.

-Knowledge sharing with WRM stakeholders. 2 seminars were conducted to disseminate the findings of the study on social accountability in WRM prepared earlier this year, and outline potential opportunities for the integration of SA tools in WRM in Uzbekistan. The intended audience of the workshops consisted of all stakeholders that are engaged in WRM (government officials, water service providers, WCAs, water users, CSOs, etc.).

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