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Ensuring sustainable development and social mitigation, monitoring and management measures are key objective of our services. We provide a resource of social expertise for the development of resource projects that are committed to social sustainability. Under our wide spectrum of social advisory services we contribute in social planning, developing implementation mechanism and supporting institutional functioning through pragmatic development approach. Our multifaceted professional exposure and enrichment amply deliver convincing value added services in social assessment, social investment and social management planning process.

Al Mar Consulting is committed to promoting socially sound development in our projects. To fulfill this objective, we:

  • Review the social impacts of infrastructure projects
  • Encourage our clients and executing agencies to incorporate social protection measures in the project design and implementation procedures, provides advisory assistance for this purpose, and develop monitoring and management plan
  • Assist our clients in land acquisition and resettlement plan
  • Recommend our clients to select projects and programs that will protect, rehabilitate, and enhance the environment and the quality of life
  • Train various stakeholders, and provides documentation on, environmental and social aspects of projects

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Poverty Studies and Planning
  • Social Safeguards Planning
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Social Policy Analysis and Research
  • Social Due Diligence Studies
  • Social Audit
  • Social Monitoring Reports
  • Gender Studies and Planning
  • Child Labour and Child Rights
  • Risk Assessment and Disaster Management
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Capacity Assessment and Institutional Strengthening

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